Choque integral in the economic theory of the active connect

Read Lavrichenko Oleg V. Choque integral in the economic theory of the active connect // Caspian journal : management and high technologies. — 2014. — №4. — pp. 87-99.

Lavrichenko Oleg V. - Ph.D. (Economics), software engineer, JSC "Concern Morinformsystema-Agat", 29 shosse Entuziastov, Moscow, 111024, Russian Federation,

In article is shown the urgency of innovative self-organizing business forming technologies in modern conditions of economic development of Russia. Author is considered the basics of the economic theory of the active connect as well as the necessity of reducing the action of anthropogenic factors on the effectiveness of additive models and decision-making algorithms is provided. The study analyzed the necessity economic valuation of the anthropogenic successions within the concept of a balanced distribution of the industrial enterprises innovative resources. In article is considered that the existing approaches to the problem of optimizing Choque integral and its application in decision-making to address the disparity in the distribution of innovative resources between objects of the innovation. The author proves that the application Choque integral expands optimization solutions distribution of innovative resources, which is the multi-criteria under uncertainty. In article is shown the necessity of weakening the independence of binary relations innovative resources and innovation for building correct mathematical models in making decisions order their balanced distribution.

Key words: инновационные ресурсы, экономика активного коннекта, антропогенные факторы, антропогенные сукцессии, инновационные самоорганизующиеся бизнесобразующие технологии, интеграл Шоке, innovative resources, economy of the active connect, anthropogenic factors, a