Analysis models assess the damage caused by the failure hardware of railway automation during burnishing

2015. №4, pp. 121-130

Golubev A.S. - researcher, Institute of Engineering Physics, 1a B. Udarnyy per., Serpukhov, Moscow Region, 142210, Russian Federation,

The method of assessment of economic damages and lost profits from failures of devices of railway automatics and telemechanics (RAAT). The necessity to implement this method not only in the holding OJSC В«Russian RailwaysВ», but also in the other enterprises of the Russian market of using railway transport. The method of assessment of economic damages and lost profits from the failure RAAT caused by supply of defective equipment and is manifested in the running-in period. The expediency of using this methodology to calculate the magnitude of the damage and loss of profits due to the increased number of equipment failures in the supply of low-quality RAAT and, as a consequence, growth in the number of stops and the average dwell time of trains. Identified the relevance of the topic - especially in integrated assessment of the impact of reliability and maintainability of systems and RAAT on the economic performance of the linear enterprises of railway transport. It is proved that the calculation results conducted on the proposed method, it is possible objective forecasting average values of damage and loss of profits over the estimated period of time. Found that the indices calculated in the work, can be helpful when planning lay on the settlement period of the insurance funds.

Key words: экономические потери, интенсивность отказов, упущенная выгода, железнодорожной автоматика и телемеханика, безопасность, ремонтопригодность, ущерб, методика расчета, economic costs, failure rate, loss of profit, railway automation and remote control, secur