The concept of architecture of a computing complex designed to integration of disparate information services of e-learning

2017. №1, pp. 8-15

Konkin A.V. - postgraduate student, National Research University Higher School of Economics, 20 Myasnitskaya St., Moscow, 101000, Russian Federation,

This article presents the concept of architecture of the computing complex which provides the original version of the integration of disparate information services for e-learning into the common information space on the basis of common principles of functioning. Substantiated the necessity and expediency of creating/using such a complex in the conditions of dynamically developing modern information society, as well as of improving the quality of higher and postgraduate education in Russia; cost optimization, aimed at building up the intellectual potential of the country. Presented the characteristic features of the complex that determine its fundamental basics and the advantages over similar systems and complexes, which can have the same features, but with a different quality. Offers developed in the framework of the present research the architecture of the complex, ensuring the integrity of the data and the structure of the complex; its "survivability" in the loss of availability of certain services. Formulates the principles of functioning of the complex, including a high level of reliability, scalability, and equal to the technical capabilities of the vendors of information services for e-learning within the complex.

Key words: архитектура, вычислительный комплекс, интеграция, информационное пространство, информационные сервисы, масштабируемость, принципы функционирования, целостность данных, целостность структуры, оптимизация решений, architecture, computing complex, integratio