Editorial board

Chief Editor:
I.M. Azhmukhamedov - doctor of technical sciences, head. Department of Information Security of Astrakhan State University, Associate Professor (Editor-in-Chief);

Editorial Board:
I.V. Anikin - Cand. Sci. (Engineering), Associate Professor, Head of Information Security System Department, Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education “Kazan National Research Technical University named after A.N.Tupolev – KAI”;
A.A. Bolshakov - Doct. Sci. (Engineering), Professor of «Systems of Automated Design Engineering and Control» department, St. Petersburg State Technological Institute (Technical university);
L.A. Demidova - Doct. Sci. (Engineering), Professor, Professor of the Computational and Applied Mathematics Department, Ryazan State Radio Engineering University (Ryazan);
A.S. Katasev - Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of the Kazan National Research Technical University. A.N. Tupolev-KAI
I.Yu. Kvyatkovskaya - Doct. Sci. (Engineering), Professor of the Astrakhan State Technical University;
A.G. Kravets - Doct. Sci. (Engineering), Professor, Professor of the Automated Design Engineering Systems and Search Constructing Department, Volgograd State Technical University;
Yu.V. Litovka - Doct. Sci. (Engineering), Professor, Professor of the Department of Automated Support System for Decision-Making, Tambov State Technical University;
A.A. Lobatyy - Doct. Sci. (Engineering), Professor, Head of Information Systems and Technologies Department, Belarusian National Technical University (Belarus, Minsk)
E.V. Nikulchev - Doct. Sci. (Engineering), Professor, Professor of the System Management and Modeling Department, Moscow Technological University, Moscow;
V.O. Osipyan - Doct. Sci. (Physics and Mathematics), Professor of the Kuban State University (Krasnodar);
I.Yu. Petrova - Doct. Sci. (Engineering), Professor, First Vice-Rector of the Astrakhan State Architectural and Construction University, Head of the CAD department of Astrakhan State Architectural and Construction University;
A.V. Rybakov - Cand. Sci. (Physics and Mathematics), Director of the Institute of Researches & Solutions of Technological Tasks, Astrakhan State University;
A.V. Skripal - Doct. Sci. (Physics and Mathematics), Professor, Head of Medical Physics Department of the Saratov national research State University named after N.G. Chernyshevsky;
I.B. Starchenko - Doct. Sci. (Engineering), Professor, OOO «Parametrica» (Taganrog, Rostov Oblast), Research Supervisor;
Yu.Yu. Tarasevich - Doct. Sci. (Physics and Mathematics), Professor, Professor of the Astrakhan State University, head of the laboratory «Mathematical modeling and information technologies in science and education»;
T.L.Ten - Doct. Sci. (Engineering), Professor, Professor of the «Information and Computation Systems» chair of Karaganda Economic University (Karaganda, the Republic of Kazakhstan);
E.N. Tishchenko - Doct. Sci. (Economics), Professor, Head of the Information Technologies & Information Security Department, Rostov State University of Economics, Rostov-on-Don;
S.A. Filist - Doct. Sci. (Engineering), Professor, Professor of the Biomedical Engineering chair, Federal State Budget Educational Institution of Higher Education «South-West State University» (Kursk, Russia);
L.R. Fionova - Doct. Sci. (Engineering), Professor, Dean of the Computer Technology Faculty, Head of the Information Support of Management and Production Department, Penza State University;
V.A. Tsimbal - Doct. Sci. (Engineering), Honored Worker of Science of the Russian Federation, Professor, Professor of the Automated Control Systems Department (Branch of the Military Academy of the Russian Strategic Missile Forces named after Peter the Great of the Moscow Oblast, Serpukhov, Moscow Oblast);
N.K. Yurkov - Honored worker of science of the Russian Federation, Doct. Sci. (Engineering), Professor, Head of the department «Designing and production of the radio equipment», Penza state university;
N.A.Kolesova - PhD, Check Point Software Technologies LTD, Tel-Aviv, Israel;
Serg Miranda - PhD (Toulouse University, France), - Master thesis at UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles with an INRIA Scholarship), Professor of Computer Science dept., University of Nice – Sophia Antipolis (Nice, France), Director of the CS department and MBDS innovation lab (